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Strong together even in difficult times!

Launch the online platform for the Academic Art of Riding as a joint aid project to secure an additional source of income for licensed Bent Branderup trainers even in uncertain times.

Together, a platform is being created to set up a virtual meeting place so that interest in the Academic Art of Riding can grow internationally.

The concept

In the community as licensed Bent Branderup trainers we can create something great!


Live webinars & as recording


Learning videos with good content of at least 20 min but not longer than 45 min


Ideas, tips and tricks for a motivating work with the horse. Short videos should help to make training varied and motivating.


1x a year we would like to provide a live stream with Bent Branderup to the annual subscribers


In order to offer as much personalized service as possible, each trainer will receive an individual page with pictures, welcome video and links to all channels. You can also link or sell products from your own store.

How can licensed BB trainers directly participate, benefit and get financial support?

Profit sharing on the subscription platform
Also sell videos on the platform and earn per sale

Earn for each sell! Single Videos & Products.

You can also sell videos, webinars or products on the online platform that are not available to subscribers for free. You will receive up to 80% of the income per video or webinar sold. You determine the selling price! Participation in the subscription platform is a prerequisite for this offer. We can make a separate offer for products.

Profit sharing when video is provided for the subscription platform

If you make your videos and webinar recordings available to the subscription platform, you will receive a share of the profits of the subscribers. The profit sharing is offset annually. The percentage depends on the number of times your video was viewed.


Sell short videos to the platform

Also be there with 4 short videos (min. 3 min/max 10 min) that you provide. For 4 short videos you will additionally receive 200€ + VAT. With this you make your video available to the online platform.

Reach an international audience through the platform and put your products & offers in the focus for free

We offer you a free trainer and product page where you can promote yourself and your products. All channels can be linked. There are NO costs for you for the maintenance and provision of the site!

Get additional free gift cards & promotional materials

You will receive promotional materials for the Online Riding School for the Academic Art of Riding. You will also receive two gift cards for a free trial month. You can give them to your followers, students or customers in the course of raffles. These gift vouchers can be raffled off independently on your social media.
Info Box & Bonus
For everyone who sends videos, webinars & short videos for the subscription platform by December 31th, an immediate bonus is paid out per video! (up to 200€)

From January 1st, 2021: For all those who want to use the platform/Homepage, they need to make 2 instructional videos and 2 short videos available to the subscription area every year. For the provision, you will receive a share in the profits of the subscribers. The profit sharing is offset annually. The percentage depends on the number of times your video was viewed. Use of the Homepage is free of charge for you. Selling single videos, webinars or trainer profiles, there are no costs for any of these services.

if you send more than the 2 + 2 video rule, you will receive an additional bonus of up to € 200 per video. You will also receive € 200 for 4 short videos.

The offers for the interested user


There is a section where individual videos of trainers can be sold. This area is freely accessible to all homepage visitors.



An additional offer could be Live Stream Seminars & Webinars. Users with annual access will receive a discount on such seminars. This allows every trainer to use the online platform as an advertisement for his live streams.


√ 1 month access to selected videos

√ 1 month access to selected short videos with training ideas for everyday life
√ Access to all trainer pages
√ Automatic renewal


√ Access to all videos
√ Access to all short videos with training ideas for everyday life
√ One live stream per year with Bent Branderup

√ Automatic renewal

What can we create together

Strong together

When & how does it start ...

Preferably immediately, as the corona situation will worsen again in autumn/winter.

The platform could go online on 15. November 2020!

The quick start and a direct financial support...(through the bonus until November 15, 2020)

If you participated as a trainer at the “Fair to the horse – Online event” this year, you can use your already produced videos, sell them to the platform and fill your video library. You only have to remove all elements that refer to FTTH and cut them if necessary.

You already have videos from your own online platform or other events...

Great! Just add these videos and get more interested people on your private website. Videos from past online events can also be used as long as you have not signed any contracts or obligations that prohibit their use on another platform. Always check your videos for content and greetings! Videos on the online platform should not have welcome texts from other online platforms.

You have published a webinar at the online academy!

Great! Then you can use it directly as an instructional video for the online platform and thus benefit. Of course you can send in further instructional videos, webinars and short videos at any time during the year.

We need texts and pictures

Each trainer receives his or her personal website on the online platform. You can edit this website on your own and design it with pictures and text using your personal access data.

Text and pictures can be uploaded directly by yourself. The layout, the maintenance, the costs including taxes for each country will be borne by the platform.

All videos and texts in two languages DE + EN

We need the videos and texts in two languages. DE + EN. If you can only provide videos and texts in one language, the online platform will take care of the translation by a professional translator. Please keep in mind that a translated video of you always counts as a full teaching video.

Topics to be filmed!

As a guideline, you should take the educational ladder of the Academic Art of Riding. Based on the book series of the Academic Art of Riding we would like to show the different training steps in moving images on the online platform.

It does not always have to be a video with a horse. You can also simply film a theory lecture from your living room or exercises to improve your seat without a horse. Many variations are possible and thus create an individual way for every trainer to create instructional videos.

Together as a team ...


Risk for participants

As a participating coach you have no risk and no financial risk!

On the contrary, we can only profit together and start a project with a future!

Prerequisite for the implementation of the online platform is the participation of the majority of all licensed trainers. It is a project for the community just like the book series of the Academic Art of Riding. Therefore it only makes sense if the majority not only expresses interest but also really takes part in the voting.


Through sponsors the online platform for Academic Art of Riding has the possibility to start a project with such a large financial direct expenditure at all. To satisfy the sponsors, we as a community have to decide whether we want to start together. Therefore, everyone should participate in the voting.

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